“COLLECTSION” team shares a passion for collecting military insignia of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other countries. Our goal is to popularize this type of collecting, unite people in this field for further cooperation and exchange of information and collectibles.

We promote creative and professional activities, as well as studies of military insignia and military history in general. Our goal is to preserve and revive the traditions of patriotism, promote the collection and preservation of military insignia of Ukraine and other countries as military-historical heritage.

Our website is an official page of the Association of the collectors of military insignia (ACMI) and COLLECTSION magazine issued by the ACMI.

You may use the site to place ads for exchange of collectibles, while we share interesting articles about them.

I hope that visiting the site will be useful, informative and fun for you.

Enjoy collecting!
Sincerely yours,
Igor Maslennikov
Chief editor of the web-site COLLECTSION