Symbols of the Ukrainian peaсekeepers 1992-2020

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Ukrainian Association of the collectors of military insignia (ACMI) would like to present their new book dedicated to insignia of Ukrainian peacekeepers: “Symbols of the Ukrainian peacekeepers 1992 – 2020” – Кyiv, 2020. – 158 pages. (“COLLECTSION” LIBRARY).


Since the restoration of its’ independence in 1991, Ukraine has consistently supported the initiatives of the world community, aimed at ending armed conflicts. In the early 1990s, the Ukrainian leadership rightly viewed participation in the peacekeeping operations as a way to establish the state in the international arena. The first group of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine departed for the Balkans on July 15, 1992. Therefore, starting from 2013, July 15 is celebrated as the Day of Ukrainian Peacekeepers. In subsequent years, Ukraine peacekeeping activities expanded greatly. Angola, Congo, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Liberia – this is by no means a complete list of “hot spots” where Ukrainian peacekeepers have served.

In this book we have collected most complete and accurate information about the symbols of Ukrainian peacekeeping contingents. Besides shoulder sleeve insignia, badges and flags, authors described chest patches, sleeve brassards, souvenirs. After all, these are not just pieces of cloth, but silent witnesses of Ukrainian activity in the international arena, the courage and valor of its soldiers.


The text is in both Ukrainian and English.

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