Presentation of the journal “Collectsion”

Presentation of the journal “Collectsion”

The “Collectsions” magazine is a unique publication founded by an independent association of collectors of military symbols and is of interest to all those not indifferent to history and collecting products on this subject.

The main objective of the publication is to provide assistance to collectors in the systematization of available materials, detailed coverage of completely new, previously unknown facts.

The magazine “Collectsions”, which received the long-awaited official status, is interested in subscribers and ordinary readers. The magazine covers various topics on numismatics, syncmanistics, faleristics, uniformology, philately, historical research and other types of collecting. Each direction is accompanied by information and cognitive articles, sufficiently illustrated for greater visibility.

Our pride

The subject of our pride is not only the qualitative design of the magazine, but also the maximum content of the material that the military collectors need so much. In each subsequent issue, horizons expand, new topics are raised, talented authors are attracted, able to submit and analyze the material.

The pages of our magazine cover not only the domestic military experience, we consider an important mission to familiarize our readers with the experience of foreign states, which is both informative and useful for broadening our horizons.

In the magazine there are also permanent columns – “Stamps of the philatelist” and “Account card”, already beloved by the readers.

Basic goals

To certain pages of the magazine access is limited and granted exclusively by the membership in the public organization “Association of Collectors of Military Symbols”. The purpose of the organization that has its Charter is to promote professional and creative activities in the field of studying military history and symbols, create conditions for maintaining and reviving the traditions of patriotism,

Collectsion and preservation of military symbols of Ukraine and other states, as a military historical heritage.

To get membership in the organization is simple enough, just fill out the questionnaire on the site and carefully study the main tasks of the organization, the rights and responsibilities of the members of the organization, rules and information that will maximize the benefits of staying in the Association. Membership in the organization provides for membership fees focused exclusively on the costs associated with the delivery within one year of ACWC correspondence to its members and the technical costs of the organization’s maintenance, as well as for ACWS activities. The Association also accepts voluntary donations and other types of material assistance.

Undoubtedly, membership in the Association of Collectors of Military Symbols will equally prove to be interesting and useful, it is always present to expand its capabilities and, importantly, to meet like-minded people.

The magazine “Collectsion” is always glad to communicate more closely and invites all interested collectors to take an active part in the life and realization on the ground of a magazine so unique in its specifics. For a more detailed introduction to the magazine, you should register on our website. We hope that our “Collections” magazine will be the platform where you can always share your hobbies, tell us about the collection you’ve collected and just find pleasant communication.